November 6th 2015 Board Minutes

Rising Tide Board Meeting Notes November 6th, 2015   Action Items / Resolutions   Resolved: Zaid will take on answering the phone Akbar will change the online report to reflect current board members of RTI Kim will talk to her brother, a local contractor, re: bids for the Portico (both from his company and to… Read more »

Ibn Arabi & Sufi Classics Study Class

Ibn Arabi & Classical Sufism With Sheikh Ghassan Manasra At Rising Tide International Mondays, 7-8pm, Beginning Dec 2015…     The names of the Sufis we were studied together in the 1st 3 Classes Al-Junayd, Abu’l-Qasim Al-Hallaj, Al-Husayn b. Mansur. Bestami, Abu-yazid Dhu’n-Nun Al-Misri Sahl b. ‘Abdallah At-Tustari Al-Qushayri Shibli Books Mentioned and Suggested for… Read more »

2014 Winter Faculty

Rising Tide Institute | Sarasota, FL

Faculty: Zaid D J H Smith is a recognized teacher in the Sufi tradition, which became his spiritual home after years of Buddhist study (Vajrayana and Zen). He is an ordained minister, holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience, and has published numerous scientific papers. Zaid is one of the few beings on this planet who holds a… Read more »