Shfar’am Solidarity Visit to House Of Hope & Defaced Synagogue


Photos and Full Report Soon (Posted 12/1/14)

Dear Friends of Peace~

Eliyahu McLean, Rodef Shalom, reports a wonderful gathering in Shfar’am for the Solidarity Visit to the House Of Hope and Synagogue yesterday, Sunday Nov 30th.

He says that it was a “highly successful tour and gathering in Shfar’am with 60-70 Israelis and Palestinians. Rabbis, Sheikhs, and people came from the West Bank, East Jerusalem, The Galilee, and gathered for a peace tour. The Abrahamic Reunion published a statement calling for harmony between Abrahamic Faiths in light of the recent violence.”

“There was a feeling of unity and interreligious friendship – we had an ultra orthodox rabbi on the bus with Palestinians, and there was a very very diverse feeling of our group traveling together, journeying together, and being together. A lot of new people were with us, and everyone was flying high by the end of the day. Very inspiring and helpful.”

Rabbis and Sheikhs came from all over the Holy Land including the Chief Rabbi of Acco, to pray and honor the defaced synagogue in Shfar’am.

The Abrahamic Reunion, a group of spiritual leaders–Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Druze– have been working together for 10 years  promoting inter-religious harmony in the Holy Land. 

We are women and men of the faiths of this land – our land – who meet together, walk together, eat together, and pray side by side in mutual respect. We demonstrate by our personal example that we can live together in peace and cooperation.

At this difficult time, we want to reaffirm to the public our heartfelt conviction, that (within) our religions are the pathways of love and peace. 

We condemn the violence, hatred, racism, and suffering being inflicted upon our communities in the name of religion. We believe and we teach that the holy places of all the religions in the Holy Land must be  respected, and not defaced in any way, for any reason.

We are the Children of Adam and Eve, the Children of Abraham. To our regret, recently we have forgotten that we are from the same family. Arabs and Jews… let us remember that we are one family.

A full report will be out later this week with the AR’s statement.

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Keep the faith and increase the peace – Shalom, Salaam, Peace.

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