The Necessary Tools for Spiritual Evolution

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A workshop with David Less

The human personality is shaped both by the external forces of our environment and by the internal forces of our unique incarnation. As we grow inwardly through the use of spiritual practice and awareness, we develop the ability to consciously affect the evolution of our individual personality.

Our personality is the expression of God through us, as human beings. This means that we must actively work to transform our personality into a more capable vehicle for the expression of the Infinite Consciousness. 

Can we really affect the personality? The answer is yes. Not only can we affect it, we can heal childhood traumas as well as painful habits and points of view that limit our happiness in life. 

There are four basic tools to transform the personality in addition to our obvious and common introspection. First is the development and use of certain meditations to soften the rope of self-identity. These can train us to see our place in the Oneness. In addition, practicing the proper use of mantra, or chanting, allows sound to act as a catalyst for our development. 

Add to these two foundational practices the practice of conscious prayer, which comes about not by asking for the needs of the human ego, but through attunement with our soul. And finally, the incorporation of conscious kind actions and thoughts will soften our ego-structure and encourage us to be fuller human beings.

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This seminar will be online. However it will still be participatory and mostly experiential.