Nur-Al-Haqq Richard Martin

Nur-al-Haqq Richard Martin began his study of meditation in 1970 with Transcendental Meditation. Over the past 46 years he has continued his studies with Swamis, Roshis, Rabbis, Christians and Sufi Masters. Richard has begun combing these many different traditions of meditation and prayer into an easy to follow yet deep and enriching experience of meditation.  Contact: yanur33@gmail.com Parallel to his path of... Read more »

Kismet Weeber

Kismet Weeber has been a member of the Inayati Sufi Order for 40 years. She has been a representative and guide for 31 years. Kismet has had centers in Texas, Arkansas, and Florida. She is a senior teacher in the Sufi Order International, a Shafayat in the Healing ORder, a Cheraga for the Universal Worship, and... Read more »

Patricia Cockerill

Patricia Cockerill has followed the spiritual path for more than 40 years. Her diverse training includes studies with Paramahansa Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship, where she became a Kriyaban initiate. Patricia is widely recognized as a Healer-Practitioner. She’s developed several healing seminars, most notably the popular Quantum Healing Weekend Seminar where she has trained hundreds of... Read more »

Tara Muir

Tara was initiated in 1982 by by Pir Vilayat Khan. Born in England, raised in Sudan and having lived many years in Canada, she finally arrived in Sarasota in 2002. She is a Siraj and the Director of the Universal Worship of the Inayati Order. Teachers

Zaid Daniel Smith

Zaid Smith has been in the Sufi Order International since 1980, after studying Vajrayana and Zen Buddhism. He moved to Sarasota in 1996 to join the spiritual community that became Rising Tide, where he has been a teacher since 2005. He has a PhD in Neuroscience and has published numerous scientific articles, and has an... Read more »

Jo Mooy

Jo Mooy studied with many spiritual traditions over the past 40 years. The wide diversity of this training  allowed her to develop spiritual seminars and retreats that explore inspirational concepts, give purpose and  guidance to students, and present esoteric teachings in an understandable manner. Along with Patricia  Cockerill, she has guided the Women’s Meditation Circle... Read more »

Casey Bledsoe

Casey has been a dedicated practitioner on the spiritual path for over 15 years and enjoys being a student of all of life’s experiences. She has a Master’s in Counseling and delights in discovering the journey of personal and spiritual transformation with others. Casey leads periods of intensive spiritual practice in the community, as well... Read more »

Dr. Anna Less

Dr. Anna Less, PhD has been a practitioner and teacher of meditation for over 30 years. She is a certified meditation retreat guide who has guided hundreds of people in personal meditation and healing retreats. Anna is also a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and the first westerner to earn a PhD in Chinese Medicine in... Read more »

Shahabuddin David Less

Click For Shahabuddin's Public Schedule David Less has been teaching meditation and inner practice for 45 years and is recognized globally as a teacher of harmonious living, health, meditation and personal transformation. He is a Senior Teacher in the Sufi Order International and the International Head of the Universal Worship, an avenue for the harmonious... Read more »