Kinship Sarasota

1st Meeting Notes.


  • Salima Rael:,
  • Parvati Karen Miki:,
  • Valerie Skonie:



JULY 27, 2016

Selby Library Conference Room Sarasota FL

Scribe:  Salima

Opening Ritual: Karen read Radiance Sutra from Hindu tradition.

Attendance:  Karen, Liana, Valerie

Discussion: re Purpose—team building and service.  Discussed the idea of a meeting/gathering after the completion of a group volunteer job. This may not always be feasible.  We could have discussions/sharing of experiences as part of regular planning meetings, as well as during the volunteer work itself.  We really want to get to know people from different races, cultures, religions, etc.   

Project ideas discussed and assigned for exploration.  We have a potenial project on Aug. 6th to fill “back to school backpacks” with Tiny Hands Foundation, at 10 AM, at Boys and Girls Club, 3100 Fruitville.  Karen will send out email to confirm.

Salima will inquire at the Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton, and at Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center and Peace Education and Action Center, for group volunteer opportunities.

Islamic Society of Sarasota and Bradenton                  Fogartyville
4350 N. Lockwood Ridge Road,                                       525 Kumquat Court, Sarasota
Sarasota FL 34234                                                             941-545-5635
(941) 351-3393                                                         

Karen wil inquire at All Faiths Food Bank, 8171 Blaikie Ct, Sarasota, FL 34240

Phone: (941) 379-6333

Valerie will inquire at Big Brothers Big Sisters, 2831 Ringling Blvd, Suite A-201
Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 331-4376

Salima will find out if there is a volunteer coordination effort/office here in Sarasota.

It was suggested we wear identifying  bandanas when out together on a job.  And name tags.  Everyone agreed.  Need to decide on color and who will procure them and when.

It was suggested we visit various community centers in person to talk about what we want to do and to recruit volunteers and potential volunteer projects.

Our effort is two pronged—getting the people and getting the projects.

Other potential volunteer projects/places to check out are:

    Selah Freedom (Local anti-sex trafficking group)

      After School Programs

      Helping single elderly persons do chores and yard work, or home repair work

      Habitat for Humanity

      Going as a group to the mosque, the synagogue, each others places of worship,       gatherings, community centers, as needed for projects.

      Help with activists’ group projects, i.e climate change, sea turtles, shore birds   sanctuary, mote marina,

      Girls, Inc.

      Jessica’s Farm

      Women’s Resource Center

      Community Action Agencies

      Sr. Friendship Centers

      Special Olympics

We shared a book list of inspiring and educational topics and plan to keep adding to it.

We also plan to create and grow ongoing lists of websites and movies/documentaries relating to diversity and service.

Core values of similar established service groups based on kinship were given to attendees for future consideration.

Next Meeting: contact has been made with North Sarasota Library for Aug. 31, 3:30 to 4:30.  We are awaiting confirmation from library.