November 6th 2015 Board Minutes

Rising Tide Board Meeting Notes

November 6th, 2015


Action Items / Resolutions


  • Resolved: Zaid will take on answering the phone
  • Akbar will change the online report to reflect current board members of RTI
  • Kim will talk to her brother, a local contractor, re: bids for the Portico (both from his company and to see how our prices are) and email the board with any findings
  • Raymond will send gutter / aluminum company references to Kothraneda
  • Kothraneda will follow up with gutter companies for a bid
  • Fundraising committee to be formed under board guidance
  • Kismet will create a portico display to have inside RTI for fundraising purposes
  • Kim will send an expense / income report to post on website
  • Board will approve version of minutes for website (editing out ED position, for now), including only the action items for now.
  • Next board meeting: December 4th, 5pm




  • Go over accounts with Kim and tara
  • Go over insurance change
  • Go over the IRS
  • EIN
  • Gove over the Sales Tax
  • Who answers the phone for RTI and checks the email?
  • Discuss bids for the portico that Karuna and Raymond Received
  • Donation records 2013
  • Visioning


In Attendance:


Anna Less

David Less

Tara Muir, Treasurer

Kismet Weeber

Chris Miller

Raymond Kaiser (in consultation)

Kim Langedyk (in consultation)