Rising Tide Contacts (Staff & Volunteers)

Rising Tide currently has two part-time paid staff positions, and numerous duties fulfilled by the loving service of our heartful volunteers.

Rising Tide Media Coordinator:  Christie Holliday, chollidaysrq@gmail.com, PR, Website, Newsletter, Event Emails

Calendar / Scheduling: Anna Less: annaless99@gmail.com Contact to inquire schedule availability for classes, seminars, programs

Building Rentals: Cheryl Andalib Kaiser, cherylannkaiser@gmail.com, ‭(941) 565-3966‬

Community Bulletin (Ahuraslist): Ahura Finstad, ahuraslist@yahoo.com  Events, For Sale, Community Notices, Recommendations, Housing Needs, etc.

Community Housing/Homestays:  Ahura Finstad, path1234@comcast.net

Rising Tide Kinship Newsletter: Carla Riffle, carlagriffel@gmail.com  Contact to list something in the Kinship section of the Newsletter, or other Community Kinship needs / events

Rising Tide Bookstore: Karen Parvati Miki, Karen.Miki@comcast.net (941) 922-2559

RTI Peace Garden / Grounds: Juli Bartholomew, subart1@yahoo.com, Hashem Todd Pease, misterstarbody@gmail.com

Audio Recordings: Hamid Weiselman, hamid@brighteye.com, (917) 628-9432; Hashem Todd Pease, (941) 504-7208  Audio Seminar Recordings Sales, Class Recordings Audio Sales

Video Recording / Livestream: Sufi Services, Shams Gerry Scott, gerryscott@me.com (941) 320-8578    Also manages the website towardstheone.com, home to numerous videos of Rising Tide Founder Shahabuddin David Less

Livestream Website Link: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/3116574

Webmaster: Brian Finke, finchformmedia@gmail.com

Tuesday Night Class Coordinator: Zaid Smith, zaid@aya.yale.edu, 941-926-3398

Universal Worship: Tara Muir, electrictara@gmail.com, 941-926-3398

Healing Circle & Zikr Circle: Kismet Weeber, rosebythesea99@gmail.com (941) 284-4996

Rising Tide Phone List: Karen Parvati Miki, Karen.Miki@comcast.net (941) 922-2559

Dances of Universal Peace: Akbar Miller, molten.ink@gmail.com (941) 993-9994