Fall 2013 Courses

Rising Tide Institute | Sarasota, FL

Fall 2013 Rising Tide Institute Courses


“World Chants” with James Dawson and Rachel Epstein, Monday Mornings.

Inner Peace, Outer Peace: Beginning Meditation”  with Akbar Chris Miller, Monday Afternoons.

“The Dance of Connection: An inquiry into the rhythm and form of our patterns of connection and disconnection” with Anne Karuna Ferrier, Tuesday Mornings-

Aging as an Opportunity: An Elder Workshop” will be team-led by the Rising Tide Elder Group: Mark Libowitz, L. Salima Rael, Patricia Ahura Finstad, Anne Ferrier, Marion Nankin, Noor Mary Lee Slettehaugh, Carla Batinah Riffel. Front row – Ron Riffel, Anna Basira Gomez, and Gerry Mohan Scott, Wednesday Mornings.

“What To Do After You’re Dead: A Survey of World Writings About the Afterlife” with Zaid Smith, Wednesday Afternoons.

Self-Hypnosis for Stress Reduction and Self Improvement” and “Intro to Core and Celtic Shamanism” with Nadja Marion Nankin, two 2-day workshops Thursday and Friday Morning, the last 2 weeks of October.

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