Weekly Classes

These offerings are core parts of the community. As a Universal Sufi Center affiliated with the Sufi Order International, Rising Tide International maintains classes and programs offered by Sufi Teachers from our and other lineages.

Quest For Spiritual Liberty

Tuesday Nights, 7:30 – 8:30 pm; Suggested Donation: $10

This is a far-ranging class offered by local Sufi Teachers and guest teachers. Classes can range from spiritual discourse and lectures, meditation, discussion, Dances of Universal Peace, chanting, mantra yoga, spiritual exercises, ceremonies, and more. When in town, this class is usually taught by Shahabuddin David Less. Other regular teachers of this class include (but are not limited to) Casey Bledsoe, Zaid Smith, Tara Anne Muir, Kismet Weeber, Anne Karuna Ferrier, and others.

Contact: Kismet Weeber,

Healing Circle

7:00 – 7:15 pm Tuesday Nights

The Healing Service given by Sufi Inayat Khan is a powerful prayer and distance-healing service that sends healing to those requesting it. If you wish your name to be added to the Healing List, please contact Kismet. Someone must consent to putting their name on the list – you cannot simply offer names without getting their permission first.

Contact: Kismet Weeber,


Thursday Nights, 7:30 – 8:30 pm; By Donation

This is a contemplative, often joyous, chanting circle of prayer spoken, chanted, or sung as a group.  Zikr means “remembrance” – in the evenings of zikr, we endeavor to reach a state of “remembrance” – remembering the Divine, the oneness, God, the Universe, the Heart – each person’s remembrance is ultimately their own, and on their own terms.  The words chanted are often Arabic.

“ADAB” (trans: Manners or Protocol) for the Zikr Circle – Please enter respectfully. Follow the direction, voice, breath, and intonation of the Zakir (Zikr Leader). Listen to the whole of the circle as much as to your own voice – allow them to merge. Make sure that you can hear the voices of those to your left and right as well as your own.

Current Rising Tide Zakirs (Zikr Leader): Casey Bledsoe, Kismet Weeber, Arsalaan Doug Fay, Pam Fetterman

Universal Worship Service

Sundays, 10:30 am – 11:15 am; By Donation

The Universal Worship Service is an egalitarian worship service that celebrates all of humanity’s religions and spiritual traditions on a single altar. Scriptures, songs, prayers, chants, and offerings from each of the religious traditions is accompanied with universalist prayers that honor all faiths as lights serving humanity’s unfoldment. A candle is lit representing the light of each of these religions. These services are led by a Reverend Cherag.

Contact: Rev. Tara Anne Muir, Executive Director of The Universal Worship:

Very Rev. Shahabuddin David Less, Global Dean of The Universal Worship:

Universal New Thought Service for Divine Connection

Sundays, 11:30am-12:30pm

Universal New Thought service is an interfaith service, honoring all the religions of the world, opening the gateway for the spiritual understanding that we all are One. New Thought, first brought forward by Ernest Holmes and many other more modern day sages helps brings forward the light into our modern day understanding, offering the tools and tenants needed for “being the peace and the joy we wish to become.”

Contact: Reverend Zan at 


Every New and Full Moon as published in Email

The Ziraat Lodge is held every New and Full moon behind Rising Tide underneath the “Ear Tree.” This ceremony attunes the participants to the 5 Elements, and follows an archetypal script hingeing around the metaphor of farming for how one lives one’s life. The Ziraat is an initiatic path – initiates and non-initiated may participate in the Ziraat Lodges alike. Those who feel inclined may contact or ask at a Lodge for information about the Ziraat Initiation.

Contact: Dan Duggan,