The primary function of Rising Tide is to hold a spiritual space in which the delightful cosmic dancer can perform. We invite you to share in the sacred task of keeping this spiritual space beautiful and vibrant. All monies donated go towards the manifestation of love, harmony, and beauty. At this point we have no salaried positions, and all funds are used to:

  • Maintain our center
  • Disseminate teachings via web and audio
  • Host teachers, musicians, healers, and others offering authentic experiences of awakening
  • Maintain a community emergency fund

This community depends upon the intention and commitment of its members and friends. Please donate at whatever level is possible. Rising Tide is a 5013C not-for-profit organization, and all donations are fully tax deductible.

There are very few places in the world like Rising Tide, and the world needs centers representing higher consciousness. Your continued support matters.

Thank You