Meditation with Light and the Brain

To be done at sunrise. Look at the sun or face the sun, eyes closed, and imagine looking directly into the sun. Can be done sitting or standing. As you breathe in, imagine light coming into the eyes, through the optic nerve and into the brain. As you do this, say silently “Nur” (Arabic for… Read more »

Meditation with the Third Eye and the Heart

Breathe into the “third eye,” the spot on your forehead between and slightly above your eyes. Keep the head erect and facing forward. Say silently “Allah.” Breathe out, twice as long as the in-breath. As you breathe out, Move the head down and back up. Direct the breath into the heart as the head goes… Read more »

Allah Heart Zikr

Say out loud “Allah” while moving the head down and to the left, directing the energy into the physical heart. Silently breathe in as you move the head back up. Move the head as follows. Although this is described as discrete motions, it should all be done in one smooth movement. The head starts out… Read more »

Breathing In Love

Be in love. Think of someone or something you love, and feel the love. Pay attention to your breath. Breathe in and out of your heart center, in the center of your chest, with love. Relax the small muscles in your chest. This does not mean to slump. Pay attention to the muscles, and they… Read more »