Thursday Nights, 7:30 – 8:30 pm; By Donation

This is a contemplative, often joyous, chanting circle of prayer spoken, chanted, or sung as a group.  Zikr means “remembrance” – in the evenings of zikr, we endeavor to reach a state of “remembrance” – remembering the Divine, the oneness, God, the Universe, the Heart – each person’s remembrance is ultimately their own, and on their own terms.  The words chanted are often Arabic.

“ADAB” (trans: Manners or Protocol) for the Zikr Circle – Please enter respectfully. Follow the direction, voice, breath, and intonation of the Zakir (Zikr Leader). Listen to the whole of the circle as much as to your own voice – allow them to merge. Make sure that you can hear the voices of those to your left and right as well as your own.

Current Rising Tide Zakirs (Zikr Leader): Casey Bledsoe, Kismet Weeber, Arsalaan Doug Fay, Pam Fetterman


A glossary of commonly chanted phrases:

La Illaha Il Allah hu – The phrase of “The Zikr” – can be translated No, there is no God, Except God who is Present, or, No, there is nothing except God”, and other variations on this meaning.

Bismillah Errahman Errahim – We begin in the name of God, who is infinite mercy and unending compassion.

Estaghfurallah – (pronounced ESS-TAH-FUR-ALL-AH) – Purify, forgive, clean, or make me whole O God.

Allah – God

Hu – The Divine Presence or Divine Breath

Ya – “Oh!” – This is usually intoned before one of the names of God – e.g. Ya Hayy – “Oh Life! / Oh God The Living, The Alive!”