Messages From The Executive Committee & Board

RTI Executive Committee seeks proposals to cosponsor major events with RTI.  Proposals need to be comprehensive: identifying nature of performance and performers, venue, number of volunteers needed, budget with projected revenue and profit for RTI and producer, date of performance, linked workshops with performance, and past experience producing events.

Contact:Ronald L. Riffel, 941 780-1762 Cell,

Current Champions and Teachers Warmly Invited
As Rising Tide continues to build a strong foundation and future for the message, we are seeking volunteers from within the community to serve as RTI co-sponsored event champions. We serve a unique function by bringing to the community an international breadth and depth of spiritual music, teachers, visionaries, and other events to the local Sarasota community and southwest region.  The Executive Committee has refined our event and rental policies and contracts, based on feedback from the community, which are now RTI Board approved and our policies can be provided upon request (e-mail  
Now we are at the next step, which is identifying a pool of volunteer champions for co-sponsored events.  Many already serve in this capacity, and the volunteer champions are key to the success of our events.  Our champions set the tone and tenor for a musician or presenter’s experience conducting an event at Rising Tide.  
Pamela Fetterman, currently serving on the Executive Committee and as the current RTI Events Coordinator, will be scheduling a champion training event that will be announced soon. Prior to scheduling, we would like to find out who may be interested in volunteer championing, and also invite our current champion and local teachers to this training that self-champion their events at RTI.  The training will cover the following topics:
  • Review co-sponsored events and rentals policies,
  • Introduce the event coordinator and the contract negotiation process
  • Event scheduling–how does it get on the calendar and approved
  • Review the responsibilities of a champion and provide a champion check-list for a co-sponsored event
  • Review a co-sponsored event contract
  • Introduce the RTI marketing team and how to coordinate marketing
  • Registration (for events that require registration)
  • Coordinating volunteers
  • Event settlement (payout, completing a settlement sheet, list of expenses and fees, etc.)
  • Coordinating with our building operations manager if there is an issue with the facility
  • Perks for championing events at RTI
The training is anticipated to take about 2 to 3 hours to review the above list.   The Executive Committee is offering this training in hopes of providing a clear road-map and solid foundation for future events at RTI, and to encourage greater community participation and attendance at our events.  We also want to  develop an effective process that is clear to those that do give so generously of their volunteer hours to champion or conduct special events at RTI.
Please e-mail if you are interested in championing, or if you currently champion, teach or host events at RTI.
We will announce the date of the training in the next couple of weeks.
In love and service,