Allah Heart Zikr

Say out loud “Allah” while moving the head down and to the left, directing the energy into the physical heart. Silently breathe in as you move the head back up.

Move the head as follows. Although this is described as discrete motions, it should all be done in one smooth movement.

  1. The head starts out erect, facing forward.
  2. As you say “Allah,” turn the head slightly left, tilt the chin slightly left, and move the head down in a straight line toward the heart.
  3. As you move the head back up, move it back along the same straight line, still turned and tilted. Do not face forward until the head is all the way back up.
  4. When the head is all the way back up, straighten up and face forward

This softens and strengthens the physical heart and helps you remember the physical and mental beings.

Relax the small muscles in your chest. This does not mean to slump. Pay attention to the muscles, and they will relax.

A swami told Shahabuddin, with regard to yoga, that if your asana is not a prayer, it’s just calisthenics. Similarly, make every meditation a prayer. Be in love, otherwise your practice is just an exercise.

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