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If Not Now, When? 

A Video Message From David Less Posted 8/24/2014


If Not Now, When? 

A Message from David Less for Peace In The Holy Land, 8 / 18 / 2014

Dear Friends of Harmony,

At the height of the recent devastating conflict in the Holy Land, the Abrahamic Reunion brought together a group of 145 Israelis and Palestinians for an interfaith meal in Nazareth.  Women and men and children, Christians and Muslims and Jews and Druze, they walked together through the old marketplace.  The previous day, there had been a riot in the town.  On this day, residents were shocked to see this large diverse group walking arm in arm in peace.

Their meal opened with a prayer circle, and then they sat and ate together as friends do.  After the meal, as the Muslims stood in a row facing Mecca for the evening prayers, the religious Jews stood in a row right behind them davvening ma’ariv, the Jewish evening prayers, in a powerful symbol of coming together.

Afterwards, they sat in a listening circle where everyone spoke from the heart.  The power of being together in a circle of unity against the background of violence was intensely moving and profoundly necessary.  They renewed their commitment to stand and continue to work together for a harmonious Holy Land.

The Abrahamic Reunion, which was founded in 2001, is an expanding group of religious spiritual leaders, women and men, committed to using religion as a force for peace and harmony.  They normally meet about once a year.  However, in light of the segregation that now exists between the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze populations, and because of the increasing tension, it is imperative that these living examples of harmony now be gathered once a month, in different locations, throughout the country.  The unity of religious ideals must now become the beacon and the way toward peace.

Each monthly gathering of a minimum of 100 people costs approximately $4,500.  We need to raise $54,000 over the next year, starting today.  All the money goes to the Abrahamic Reunion to cover the costs of transportation, food, general organizing expenses, publicity, and photography and videography so that people all over the world will be able to share in these events.

It is vital at this time that people inside Israel and Palestine and across the world see that hope and peace are possible in the Holy Land.  We haven’t a moment to lose.

Your tax-deductible donation can be made through Rising Tide International. Checks may be mailed to 5102 Swift Rd., Sarasota, FL 34232 (please write “Abrahamic Reunion” on the memo line).   

For phone donations, call (941) 993-9994.

 We’re asking you to commit to an ongoing monthly donation to support this work over the next year. 

 Please do not ignore this plea.  If not now, when?




 Yours In Hope,

 David Less


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Contact: Akbar Chris Miller 
(941) 993-9994,
The Abrahamic Reunion

The Founding Precepts of the Abrahamic Reunion
  1. To share the belief in one God by understanding one another’s religious customs, spiritual practices, prayers and values.
  2. To use religion as a force for peace.
  3. To infuse our efforts with prayer, meditation and spiritual practice.
  4. To relate to all as though they are our own family.
  5. To respond to the needs in the Holy Land by establishing ongoing projects that embody our ideals.
  6. To promote love, peace, communication, cooperation and dialogue among the people of the Holy Land, including men, women, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and Druze, as well as other spiritual traditions. We agree to:
    1.  * Be a living example of our values and beliefs;

    2.  * Seek out and support other spiritual peace makers and organizations that share our values and goals;

    3.  * Provide training for those interested in spiritual peacemaking and create and implement interfaith programs, celebrations, youth activities and other educational initiatives.

  7. To develop a world-wide membership and support system.
  8. To convey our message to world leaders.