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Rising Tide International | Sarasota, FL

There’s a depth of spiritual and emotional connection that we all have to the Rising Tide Center.  It holds the stories of prayer, ceremony, events, meditations and classes given by the holy individuals who have held space here. But, the Rising Tide building is 18 years old and is in great need of a face-lift.  Over the years, there’s… Read more »

99 Names – Series 2, with Sheikh Ghassan Manasra

The 99 Beautiful Names of God An online** (and in-person in Sarasota) Class with Sheikh Ghassan Manasra Click To Register for 1 Class ($15)  Click To Register for 10 Classes ($120) **All classes will be recorded and available for those enrolled in the class or series to view when they are able to.    The 99 Names… Read more »

Kinship Sarasota

1st Meeting Notes. Contact: Salima Rael:, Parvati Karen Miki:, Valerie Skonie:   KINSHIP SARASOTA—LOVE IN ACTION JULY 27, 2016 Selby Library Conference Room Sarasota FL Scribe:  Salima Opening Ritual: Karen read Radiance Sutra from Hindu tradition. Attendance:  Karen, Liana, Valerie Discussion: re Purpose—team building and service.  Discussed the idea of a meeting/gathering… Read more »