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Rising Tide International

Mailing Address: 5102 Swift Road, Sarasota, FL 34231, USA

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Phone:(941) 923-7834

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Founder & Spiritual Director: Contact Shahabuddin David Less (messages will be forwarded by Akbar Chris Miller. For urgent messages, please contact Akbar by phone: (941) 993-9994.)

Calendar, Scheduling, & Programs: Contact Anna Less  To rent Rising Tide for your event, or to hold an event or program at Rising Tide, please contact Anna first to check the calendar and schedule. 

Building Rental Coordinator: Cheryl Andalib Kaiser

Newsletter, Website, Media, Facebook: Mary Lee SlettehaughPR, Website, Newsletter, Event Emails

Webmaster: Brian Finke

Rising Tide Phone List: Karen Parvati Miki, (941) 922-2559

Tuesday Night Class: Zaid Smith, 941-926-3398

The Universal Worship: Contact Tara Anne Muir, Executive Director of Universal Worship(941) 926-3398

Women’s Meditation Circle:
Jo Mooy –  941-400-9802
Patricia Cockerill –  941-441-7374

Zikr Circle, Healing Services: Contact Kismet Weeber, (941) 284-4996

Bookstore: Contact Karen Miki

Community Bulletin (Ahura’s List): Contact Ahura Pat Finstad Events, For Sale, Community Notices, Recommendations, Housing Needs, etc.

Out Of Town Community and Event Housing: Contact Ahura Pat Finstad

Donations: Tara Muir

Groundskeeping: Juli Bartholomew, (941) 955-1582

Bookkeeping: Kim Vasquez

Video Recordings & Livestream: Shams Gerry Scott,  (941) 320-8578  Also manages the website, home to numerous videos of Rising Tide Founder Shahabuddin David Less

Audio Recordings: Hamid Weiselman (917) 628-9432; Hashem Todd Pease, (941) 504-7208  Audio Seminar Recordings Sales, Class Recordings Audio Sales

Abrahamic Reunion: Akbar Chris Miller, (941) 993-9994

Young Adult Scholarships & Programs: Akbar Chris Miller, (941) 993-9994

Kids & Families Services:  Jessica Bromby

Dances of Universal Peace: Akbar Chris Miller, (941) 993-9994

Rising Tide Board of Directors

  • David Less
  • Anna Less
  • Kismet Weeber
  • Anne Muir, Treasurer
  • Carl Morris

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“Not one of the masters came with the thought of forming an exclusive community, or to give a certain religion. They came with the same message from one and the same God. Whether the message was in Sanskrit, Hebrew, Zend, or Arabic, it had one and the same meaning. The difference between religions is external; their inner meaning is one.”   – Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi Mystic