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Universal Worship: Summer Season for Love and Mindfulness

When working from the Native American Medicine wheel, Summer is the second season of the quadrant of the four seasons. It represents the energies of High Noon when the sun is brightest and its heat and fervency are the greatest. On the Medicine Wheel, the south marks the growing times, when all fauna and flora… Read more »

Interfaith Easter/Spring/Eostre Egg Hunt & Service

Interfaith Easter, Eostre/Ostara & Spring Egg Hunt & Service All Generations / Kids & Family Service April 1st, 10:30am – 11:30am  With Jessica, Akbar, and Special guest the Easter / Eostre Bunny! Songs to honor the worlds spiritual and religious traditions – Pagan, Christian, Jewish (Passover), and a small ceremony before a special interfaith egg hunt!… Read more »

Dance-Dance-Dance! All Generations Worship Service

Dance! Dance! Dance! is our theme for this Sunday’s Universal Worship Service at Rising Tide~ ALL -Generations- ALL Ages ,babies, toddlers, children, teens, yound adults , adults , elders , it is for ALL. Dancing in all Generations and Ages , the beauty of the cycle of Life! With some special live musical guests and… Read more »