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Women’s New Moon Meditation – Pam Cooper – Feb. 21

The Women’s Meditation Circle begins it’s 14th consecutive year. Returning after a few year’s absence, Pam Cooper leads the the New Moon meditation.  Pam is well known in the area for her work in native traditions, tarot and meditation.  She leads a meditation on the sacredness of the native path, using shamanic and intuitive tools.  Doors… Read more »

Shaman Journey Jan. 25th

A shamanic journey is similar to a guided meditation but one in which you are actively participating.  Led by ZAN BENHAM, Shamanic Practitioner, the heartbeat of the mother-drum guides you down into dimensions of the imagination where reality and dreams merge.

Ceremonial Frame Drum Making Workshop

The SW Florida community is known for ceremony and sacred events.  This is an opportunity to make your own frame drum to be used in sacred ceremonies and events.  The two-part workshop is led by Jewell Cochara.  Her passion is sharing the wisdom of native American practices.  She’s studied with various teachers around the country… Read more »

Shamanic Journey October 5th

The Fall Season is the western gate of the medicine wheel. This is the looks within time where the Shaman stands asking you to go within for self-reflection.  A SHAMAN’S JOURNEY is similar to a guided meditation. It is accompanied by the heartbeat sounds of the large mother drum. The journey takes participants through the… Read more »

Women’s Full Moon Meditation – Native Ways Apr. 19

The Women’s Meditation Circle celebrates it’s 13th consecutive year.  This is the LAST REGULARLY SCHEDULED meditation for the year.  On the Full Moon of April 19th  Zan Benham, Shamanic Practitioner leads the meditation. Zan is well known in the SW Florida community for her devotion to the ceremonial Native Ways.  She’s led Sweat Lodges, Shamanic Journeys and is… Read more »